Aiming for a balanced approach to doing business


Sustainable economic development will only happen when protecting the environment is core to our decision making. Put another way, we know our financial wellbeing is worth very little without the human wellbeing that comes with a healthily functioning natural world.

A connected, long-term perspective

We’re in a strong position to act on complex global challenges with long time frames – like climate change. Our global scale and engagement present big opportunities to contribute to the progressive climate agenda. In doing so, we aim to provide a role model for other businesses – both within our own ecosystem and beyond. 

Rising to the challenge of climate change

Climate change, with its widespread, unprecedented impacts, is one of the greatest challenges of our times. A changing climate has fundamental implications for businesses, governments and societies. As global temperatures move towards internationally recognised limits of 2oC, the challenge of climate change is more acute than ever. Global markets play an important role in responding to the goals set in the Paris Agreement and in addressing the challenges of adaptation to the changing climatic conditions in the most affected geographies.

In order to raise the level of ambition, continued and enhanced international collaboration is needed among developed and developing markets. A global shared vision needs to be embraced among all parties to accelerate the development of a global progressive climate agenda.  Across a broad cross-section of society, stakeholders are increasingly working together to drive the transition towards a low-carbon economy. The new climate agenda entails both risks and opportunities for global society and the economy. Enhanced multi-stakeholder collaboration and the development of innovative tools are crucial to finding and scaling the solutions.