Lead. Together

Lead. Together, the sustainable and profitable growth approach of UCE, gets strength from our belief in cooperation and the transformation we will create.


Our aim is to create a business that delivers sustainable, profitable growth. Our vision shows that this growth will come through expanding our global presence and establishing brands that have a competitive edge, wherever we do business. We will succeed by developing business models that are flexible, efficient and focused on creating long-term value.

Taking the lead with innovation, technology and our brands

Our technology, innovation capability and brand assets have long been key to our success and they will be vital tools for the future. But our influence extends far beyond the businesses and brands we manage. We have an opportunity to drive positive change on a global scale – both as a role model and through our long-term relationships with employees, partners, investors, suppliers and distributors.

Building on our people-first principles

We’ve always put people first, empowered them and helped them to thrive in an agile business environment. This approach has enabled United Chemical Energy employees to reach their full potential and our Company to become viewed as a role model in our industries.